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Ft Lauderdale fishing forecast – March –

Saturday, February 28th, 2009

The month of march is our transitional month in South Florida fishing. The first half of the month generally follows our wintertime pattern of weather conditions as the second half of the month begins the spring season. As the last cold fronts of the year pass through our area Sailfish will be caught, especially when all the best conditions are lined up. Optimal conditions being North current, clear blue water close to the reefline, wind out of the North East, and most importantly schools of baitfish in the area. Last month the first two weeks of February turned out to be the hottest sailfish bite. Multiple hookups were common and on one trip we hooked up six Sailfish in one two hour period. The last two weeks of February it was a struggle to find a single fish. Sailfishing will be good all through the Spring as the sailfish again will be passing through our waters on thier annual migration North.




Springtime also offers more opportunities to venture offshore in search of Dolphin (mahi-mahi). I my opinon springtime Dolphin fishing is some of the best found all year long in South Florida. Dolphin are typically found much closer to shore during the spring season and less time is spent covering open featureless water. The key is  to find a fishy area to deploy the trolling baits. Fishy areas include places where birds are diving at the waters surface, weedlines, current rips, floating debris etc. Springtime brings it’s share of windy days that I think increases the amount of debris found floating as pallets are more likley to fall off ships during times of rough seas.




Kingfishing will also become more consistant as we will begin to get many more strikes as we are live bait fishing at the edge of the reefline. On yesterdays trip George Marr of Ontario, Canada an avid fresh water fisherman landed his first saltwater fish a 20 lb. Kingfish. George was manning the kitefishing rod when the big king came skyrocketing 6 feet out of the water with the live googel-eye hanging out of his mouth. Unfortunately the king didn’t get the hook and swam away with his free breakfast. About 30 seconds later he comes flying out of the water a second time with the short kite bait sucked all the way down and we have him hooked up solid. One of the things I like about kitefishing is that since the baitfish is dangling at the waters surface you get to see the entire action when the fish strikes.