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Mahi Fishing Report

Tuesday, August 22nd, 2017

Mahi fishing has been very hot this month off Fort Lauderdale.  Although we’ve been traveling 10 – 15 miles offshore to locate the schools, it’s been some of the best Mahi fishing all summer. The school fish when found by trolling are quick to engulf a live pilchard pitched to them on a spinning rod. There is nothing like it when a school of hungry fish are darting right underneath the boat. These Mahi are so excited that their colors of green, blue and yellow are lit up like a neon sign. When a live bait is dropped into the water several fish will fight over who gets it. When hooked they make some of the most acrobatic leaps into the air you will ever see and the fight really begins. Personally Mahi fishing is one of my favorite types of fishing as there is nothing like being in the cobalt blue gulf stream waters. This deep blue water is a beautiful backdrop for the bright yellow sargassum weed that flows along with the current. This weed is where the Mahi like to come and feed on the small bait fish hiding there. The kids are back to school so if you are free to experience the Mahi fishing off Fort Lauderdale give me a call.