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Great weather and great fishing

Wednesday, November 22nd, 2017

Saturday’s trip was with Denny Coleman and Michele Ericson visiting from Ohio. They were taking advantage of the great weather by doing some fishing on Saturday and taking in the race at the Homestead raceway on Sunday. The seas were smooth and the mahi were biting. Denny and Michele reeled in several nice mahi offshore Fort Lauderdale beach.


Great November mahi fishing

Tuesday, November 21st, 2017

This past Friday we had the Allen family aboard looking to catch some good eating mahi Рmahi. The day started off with the sea being a little bouncy but the crew hung in there. Once we found the right area the mahi fishing was in full swing. All in all we ended up with 11 mahi Рmahi  in the cooler. We also caught a nice size barracuda that was released, and right as we were pulling in the lines to head for the dock a juvenile sailfish engulfed our isllander lure and ballyhoo combination. This sailfish was sent home to grow up and fight another day.

The Allen family Eddie, Don, Craig Jr & Sr

Major Kingfish and Mahi Bite

Monday, November 20th, 2017

Thursday November 16th started out with dark ominous looking storm clouds blocking our passage offshore to the mahi-mahi grounds. A quick look at the radar revealed a break in the storm clouds a couple of miles to the south so the game plan would be to troll south along the outside edge of the third reef and see if the kingfish were biting. Once far enough south we would make a mad dash  offshore. Well the kingfish were biting like mad dogs on the way south. Dan Thrift and his party visiting from Maryland literally caught one kingfish after another. By the time we got ready to head offshore arms were tired reeling in the fish. This red-hot bite continued as we reached the mahi grounds. Reels began screaming as soon as the baits went into the water. After landing plenty of mahi the decision was made to run back inshore and try for a sailfish. I wish I could say the bite continued as we kite fished for a sailfish before heading for the dock but unfortunately a sailfish never appeared in our bait spread. A great day none the less!!

Dan & Sue Thrift with Jim Thrift & Kelly Bugg.