Sunday’s trip was with the Hughes family from Wisconsin. Here to see their daughter Alison compete in a basketball tournament. Wind was out of the north and the plan was to troll south to the Tenneco artificial reef and try to pick up a few kings on the way down. The bite was pretty good and although we missed several bites we were able to put 3 nice kings in the boat. Once in the proper position in about 230 feet of water we set out the kite and fished 5 frisky live baits. We suspended several live baits from the kite and let them splash around on the surface to attract sailfish, kingfish, mahi, tuna, amongst others. 2 spinner rods were deployed on the upwind side of the boat, and one bottom rod with a live pilchard was dropped to the bottom. Before to long a sailfish was sighted about 10 yards behind the boat swimming towards our kite baits. We all held our breaths as we waited for a kite line to go screaming off. unfortunately it wasn’t to be and the sail disappeared into the deep blue. We later made a move into 180 feet and re- set up the spread. Shortly thereafter one of the 20lb spinning rods went off and a sail was up and jumping. This sail made some fantastic acrobatic jumps before coming to the boat for a quick photo, measurement (87″) and release to fight another day. Brandon Hughes did a great job landing this fish on a light tackle spinning rod.

The Hughes family Amie, Ben, Denver, Alison, Eric, and Brandon with a beautiful sailfish.